The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

Jessica was thinking big. Very big.

Recent events have sent From Here to Sweet Valley in a whole new direction. Get ready for the real Evil Empire....

That night, as was usual in Sweet Valley, there was a grand party to celebrate Jessica’s return. The denizens of the picture-perfect town never missed an opportunity to throw a fabulous fiesta, and any time a resident left town or came back there, even if just for a few days, someone was sure to throw a party for them. Jessica smiled at the familiar faces milling around the Wakefield sitting room. There was Penny Ayala, the former Oracle editor who was now a distinguished anchorwoman. There was football star Ken Matthews. There was Winston Egbert, whom Jessica found strangely alluring since his split with Lila. The Droids, now the biggest band in America, were pumping on the stereo, and many of the guests were dancing. But Jessica, clad in a lime-green halter-neck minidress and matching boots, a gold lame scarf tied around her shiny golden locks, was the centre of it all.

And she loved it.

Strutting into the middle of the room, Jessica began moving sensuously to the beat. She was a great dancer, and her rhythmic movements entranced the crowd. Swaying dreamily from side to side, kicking her lime-green heels and clapping her manicured hands, she was a picture of grace and charm. She even found herself wishing that Bruce Patman had turned up. No other dance partner had ever managed to match her skill with his own - except Bruce.

But Bruce hadn’t bothered to attend the party, so Jessica had to be content with the cheers of her fellow partygoers. In fact, the adulation of the crowd sparked an idea. She was a natural leader, she’d always known that. But being a movie star meant that she never really had to use her leadership skills. And when it came down to it, Jessica Wakefield was born to rule. Or lead. Whatever.

When Jessica got an idea into her head, she didn’t hesitate. To think was to act. And Jessica was thinking big. Very big. Her ambitions were as lofty as Lila’s late simian companion Boo Boo had been when he soared over Sweet Valley on his bright blue wings.

“Attention, everyone!” Jessica cried, tapping the edge of her glass with a silver spoon. “I’ve got an announcement to make.”

The entire room fell silent at her words.

“Now, some of you know that one of the reasons I came back to Sweet Valley - apart from seeing all my old friends, of course - was to write a novel.”

“No way!” “That’s amazing!” cried the party-goers.

“Yes, it’s true,” Jessica went on. “Well, I’m still going to do that. But I’ve got another scheme in mind - a scheme that will benefit not just you, my friends. It will benefit not just all my fans. It will benefit our entire nation!”

The room gasped.

“Friends,” said Jessica. “I’m running for President!”
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