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you fill me with inertia

Instead of politics-related misery or Sweet Valley madness, I present a few cultural things that are cheering me up in this time of international woe:

The Chalet School at War. I think I prefer the CS books which are set in Britain to the ones set in Austria and Switzerland. There are much fewer chapters devoted to hugely boring descriptions of mountain outings/quaint alpine customs/people falling off glaciers etc. Whenever I read the words "the school set off bright and early to catch the train to Oberammagau" or anything along those lines, my eyes glaze over. And besides, I have a strange fascination with books written just before, during and after the war (Persephone are very good at providing that sort of thing), so I particularly like the wartime CS books. And what's not to love about the freakish Highland Twins, who arrive at school "in full highland dress" - including sporrans? Wonderful stuff.

Coronation Street. What? It's fantastic! I can't believe I wasted years watching EastEnders when I should have been watching the magnificent Corrie. I watched it regularly back in the late '80s/early '90s (I'd seen it in other people's houses before that, but my parents never watched any soaps), and then moved over to EastEnders when I was in college, mostly because I could lie on the couch on Sunday afternoons and watch the omnibus while I gathered my strength for carousing during the week to come. But, having caught the odd episode here and there over the years - I always knew who all the characters were - earlier this year I started watching Corrie again, and I just love it. It's OTT and super-soapy, but the writing - particularly the comic writing - is wonderful. The funny bits are sometimes utterly - and more importantly, intentionally hilarious, and there's a fantastic air of eccentricity about the whole thing. And then there are the pantomime villains, Cilla and Maya...oh, I just love it.

Peter Cook/Spigot's song from the original version of Bedazzled. The programme on Radio 4 this morning about Peter Cook prompted me to seek out and download it. I had it on tape years ago, and for a long time it was a staple of my compilation-tape making, but I lost at some time over the years. Now it's back! Hurrah!
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