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I should really have posted this 24 hours ago....

....but my Sarah Michelle Gellar interview was in the I**** T***** yesterday. Those outside Ireland who would like to read it, get thee to an international news stand! Because it's probably there now (or possibly tomorrow - I used to go in to the international news place in Harvard Square when I was working in Boston to read the I**** T**** and lots of British magazines, but I can't remember how late the papers were. Not much more than a day or two, I think. My dad used to get the Irish papers a day late when he worked in DC). Anyway, they didn't chop it up too much - apart from the freakish new paragraph divisions that are every journalist's nightmare - and it's the magazine's cover story, so, hurrah!

Speaking of the media.....anyone know where to get Daily Show torrents? I need Jon Stewart to cheer me up, seeing as the world is in such a dreadful state, but while I used to be able to find whole episodes on Limewire, recently I've only been able to watch the clips on the official site (which are pretty damn hilarious, if any of you haven't seen them already. Tony Blair's empire-related warning was brilliant). Help me, please! I need to know what to put on the Liberal Agenda for next week!
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