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I was going to post a little entry about how wonderful Ladyfest is being (even with last minute disasters like our headline act being trapped in London because of a car crash on the motorway which stopped them being able to get to an airport - any airport). But that can wait. Instead, let's all laugh at our Glorious Leader's announcement in yesterday's I**** T****:

"I am one of the few socialists left in Irish politics."

Bwahahahahahahahahahaha! And he claims that the proof of his "socialism" is that he approves of the fact that everyone can go to the Botantic Gardens (which, by the way, he calls the Bots, something I, who spent 27 years of my life living within two miles of these gardens, have never heard them called before). Oh Bertie, you're such a man of the people. You big fool. I am, yet again, ashamed that you're from Drumcondra. You are disgracing the good name of our area.

Right, now I'm off to shower and go to the Ladyfest Craft Fair and (hopefully) buy one of amphoteric's sock monkeys. Bis spater!
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