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Whilst having my breakfast this morning in the Boy's house, I read last week's 'Kurt's Journals' issue of the NME. And while I don't know why I bother giving out about the NME, because it is so totally and utterly shite these days, a few things really annoyed me.

Kurt Cobain was a feminist. He was the antithesis of his vile frat-boy imitators. However, these days the NME is driven solely by a desire to sell copies (I know this isn't an unreasonable aim - hell, I work for a newspaper, I do understand these things - but it just seems to override all other considerations; I mean, in the early 90s they were putting frigging Kingmaker on the cover, rather than, I dunno, 2 Unlimited) and recently its refusal to condemn any sort of sexism in music (Eminem, So Solid Crew) has reached ridiculous proportions. Not only that, but it constantly fails to show any support for genuinely girl-friendly music.

Take, I dunno, the recent (and totally great) Sleater-Kinney album. The NME gave it a postitive review, but one which seemed faintly surprised by the fact that what the magazine called "dry feministas" [sic] had produced a good album. There was, of course, no interview with the band. Or what about Ladyfest London, which took place in August and which I don't think was even fucking mentioned in that rag, which of course had to devote yet more space to defending the under-age girl belting So Solid Crew.

This is all a very roundabout way of saying that in the new Kurt issue, there's a sort of idiot's guide to early 90s indie rock, an A-Z of all the supposedly obscure references in the journals (the headline was 'Who The Hell are Shonen Knife?" which had me going, "come on, everyone reading a thing on Nirvana knows who they are!" before remembering that possibly the younger readers of the NME have absolutely no idea). And Bikini Kill are described as a riot grrl band "fronted by ex-stripper Kathleen Hanna", which is a somewhat misleading, not to say kind of belittling, description. Under Ms Hanna herself, it says that she now plays were her "slightly disco band, le Tigre". Because yeah, you'd better tell the readers what Le Tigre are like, because God knows you've never bothered your arses to write about them on their own.

Fucking arseholes. I hate the NME.
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