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tear it up, terry downe

It's not all ranting about crazy conservatives around here.* Today was brightened by the arrival of an Amazon parcel containing Debbie Stoller's new book Stitch and Bitch Nation, another hipster knitting book called Knit Wit and, best of all, Locas: The Complete Maggie and Hopey Stories by Jaime Hernandez. I really wanted to get the latter ever since I heard it was coming out, but I thought it was way too expensive - it's $50.00 and despite the exchange rate is selling for about 60 quid in comic shops here. And then I saw that Amazon were selling it with 34% off, and what with the good exchange rate and everything....I couldn't resist. And I'm so, so glad, because even though I already own more than half of the stuff inside in various books and single comics, it's an insanely beautiful book and it's great to have everything in one volume. Love and Rockets is probably my favourite comic ever. I think my shall revert to my old Hopey default icon in its honour.

*Speaking of which, fromaway's comment to my post reminded me that I had been unfair to the author of that piece of crap by saying he never mentioned the Enlightenment. I actually thought he had, which I thought was unintentionally ironic of him, and then when I went back to the article to cut and paste some quotations from it in my post, I couldn't find the reference. Perhaps I was blinded by rage. Perhaps my hatred of Western Civilisation has robbed me of my ability to read English. Or perhaps my eyes just glazed over when trying to read that shit for the second time. Who knows? Anyway, I wish I could say that I was sorry for misreporting that horrible old bigot, but I'm not, because the fact that he even dared mention the Age of Reason in a piece which basically defended the religious conservative status quo makes him even more of a fuckwit than if he'd carefully ignored it. So there.
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