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comfort reading...and listening, and eating, and wearing....

Things that are making me happy....

Georgette Heyer books. Nothing is better on a rainy day than curling up on the couch with a Georgette Heyer and a big cup of tea, preferably while listening to the album further down on this list.

My favourite wooly winter jumper, which I would happily wear every day if that didn't mean constant handwashing of it.

Vashti Bunyan's Just Another Diamond Day, which I am practically listening to on a loop these days.

Proper imported bagels with M&S smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich filler.

Patience the sock monkey and her monkey pals (the latter of whom will be given to their new homes at Christmas)

Knitting my pink and red piratical tea cosy (which is nearly finished!)

My new frock (although why do I keep shopping for clothes in M&S? Am I turning into my mother?!).
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