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I'm buying a few Christmas presents on Amazon at the moment, and while I was browsing in the DVD classics section after buying someone the magnificent Sweet Smell of Success, I checked out the reviews for possibly my favourite film ever, Brief Encounter.

Among the reviews, I found this gem:

Although the movie has some middle-class British touches (the characters drink tea, for one), David Lean carefully makes the movie somewhat vague in time and mood.

Hee! Yes, drinking tea is the ultimate symbol of British middle-classness. No one but home counties doctors and housewives imbibe that amber nectar. The fact that it was the favourite beverage of my respectable working class Dublin grandmother and her peers must be a mystery. As is the fact that I drank about a gallon of it yesterday. Seriously, though, what else would they be drinking? Especially IN A TEASHOP?! Also, "somewhat vague"? That film couldn't be more "England in the 40s" if there was a bloody great 1946 calender featuring a picture of George VI in every scene. If the tea drinking is the biggest example of middle-class Britishness the reviewer can find in that film, well, really.....
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