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Am feeling slightly more grateful for this morning's wake-up call, having spent the last hour reading one of the other-people's-presents from beginning to end (it's a very large graphic novel, lest you think my speed-reading skillz are so mad that I can read an entire book in an hour). The recipient of this present knows about it, alas, because the other night, as we were lying in bed reading comics like the nerds we are, he was reading the new issue of Love and Rockets and the following exchange took place.

Him: I wonder if there's a collection of Palomar stories like the Locas book.
Me [thinks: Shit!]: Um. There might be. I dunno. Hey, isn't it cool that Ray's back in Love and...
Him: I'll have to look out for it in Sub City tomorrow.
Me (realising there's no way out and I will have to say something): No, don't! Um, I mean, don't bother, I don't think they'd have it.
Him: Oh! Okay, I won't. That was very subtle, Anna.

So yes, that present will not be a surprise. But of course I am getting him something else, which will remain a surprise unless he announces his plans to go out and buy that too. Which he very well may, knowing my present buying luck. At least I can console myself with the knowledge that I didn't actually intentionally tell him what his present was, UNLIKE MY DAD, who bought me a bunch of stuff which was on my Amazon wishlist (thanks, Aged Parent!) and then sent me an e-mail telling me what he'd got me. I should add that this is completely in character for him, as he has always delighted in telling people what their presents are in advance. Christmas must have been hell for him back in the days when we believed in Santa and he really couldn't tell us....
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