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sweary fellow-micks alert

Sweary old Twenty Major makes me laugh. Even when I know I shouldn't. How can I resist a blog featuring matter-of-fact lines like "speedboats I can live with, if you want to go up and down the Liffey in your Miami Vice boat then more power to you*"? I can't, I'm afraid.

In other, um, entertainment news, we borrowed the second series of Black Books DVD from my bar-owning chum yesterday, and oh my God! BLACK DOLLS! I laughed so much at Doll!Fran's "terrorist boyfriend Eduardo" (who was a toy lion) that I rolled off the couch. I love Black Books. I was actually in the bookshop on whose proprietor Bernard is (allegedly) based yesterday, which made rewatching it even more amusing. Or scary.

*I'm not even sure why I find that line so funny. But I do.
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