The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

Dear Canada,

you have the cutest stamps ever. I apologise to all your residents who got cards from me and therefore witnessed the eye-searing ugliness of this year's Irish Christmas stamps. I have no problem, of course, with a nativity scene gracing our festive stampage, but is it too much to ask that the aforementioned scene doesn't resemble something done by a 15 year old who thinks he or she is "really good at art"? Apparently it is. So in conclusion, thanks, Canada, for your cute stamps, and thanks to all the nice Canadians who have sent me cards.



p.s. America, your Christmas stamps are pretty cute too. UK, I don't think any of the cards received by me from you actually had any Christmassy stamps on them, so I can't comment on their design. They're usually nice, though. Say I, the dorky former stamp-collector (brief period when I was about nine).

In other fascinating festive news, I have handed in my last assignment before Christmas. Huzzah! So now I'm off on a Christmas bender* with barsine and several others (hopefully including jane_the_23rd).

*Three pints max
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