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Are YOU a narg?

Oh God, these werewolf books just get funnier and funnier...

"But you know I wouldn't date someone who was naff, or a real narg just because he was rich."
"Naff? Narg? I had no idea you were bilingual."
"They're British words," Jessica said with an air of importance. "Robert taught them to me. Naff means uncool, and a narg is a nerd - like your friend Winston Egbert in Sweet Valley. In fact, most of your mates in Sweet Valley are nargs."

Can't. Stop. Laughing.

Okay, naff is a real expression, but narg? Where the hell did she get that? (If anyone can actually confirm this is some sort of slang term used in, like, one small English village or something, I apologise.)

Anyway. Comedy gold. There was another hilarious moment where a "punk" says to Luke "you'd better watch it, chap." The hell?
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