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As amphoteric has already mentioned, tonight a bunch of us (including barsine, alices, leedy and jane_the_23rd) went for a few bevvies in the Stag's, and towards the end of the night, I told the others (some of the above had gone home) about an article I read years ago by Woody Allen in which he told of the game in which one substitutes the word "dick" for the word "heart" in the titles of songs, films and books. So, we started thinking up suitable titles. Sadly, once we started, we couldn't stop, until we were reduced to a heap of sniggering hysteria. There was Dick to Dick. There was Dick of Glass. And there was the strangely poignant The Dick is a Lonely Hunter. But best of all, there was a ready made and rather sordid musical, whose story went like this:

Are you ready to be dick-broken?

Don't go breaking my dick!

Shot through the dick, and you're to blame!*

Achy-breaky dick

Unbreak My Dick

And for the finale:

I think I need a new dick.

How true. Sadly, by the time we were onto Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Dicks Club Band, we were all dicked out. So to speak. Suggestions of more songs/books/films with the word heart in them, please! Fuel our childish sniggering!

*Not actually a title, just a line from a song, but come on! Bon Jovi! How could we resist?

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