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It's the year I will be 30!

Happy new year, everyone! I spent last night being very boring - watching telly, eating popcorn, and ranting every time someone flicked to RTE One and my ancient enemy, Gay Byrne, appeared on the screen. I'm counting wednesday night's swanky party as my 2005 welcoming celebrations, anyway. And so, fresh and un-hungover, I plan to spend the first day of 2005 doing the following things:

1. Going for a walk in the rolling hills of the local park. Seriously, I haven't gone for a proper walk in over a week now. I've either been lolling about at home or being driven to someone else's house, where I have lolled about some more. Yesterday I walked to the supermarket (about five minutes away), which was the most exercise I'd had since Christmas Eve. Pathetic.

2. Watch the Coronation Street omnibus. What? I haven't seen it since Tracey and Karen's Christmas day battle on the roof of Underworld!

3. Make more SOUP. Yesterday, I made a cream of vegetable soup for the first time and it was the most gorgeous thing ever. I have decided that this year, I shall make lots and lots of soup. The only soupable veggies I have left are some leeks and a big bag of potatoes, so I think you can guess what today's concoction will be. Yum!

4. Be a ministering angel to my poor overworked boyfriend, who is languishing under the weight of all the assignments his evil plinky-plonks lecturers have given him. He's practically babbling about Charles Ives in his sleep, the poor thing.

5. Read lots of cheesey books (if only the Mercedes Lackey books I ordered from Amazon would arrive!)

Not a bad way to spend the first day of THE YEAR I WILL BE 30 (yikes), really.

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