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Whoohoo, LJ is back! I truly am a sad addict - when the site was down I was checking it every half hour to see if it were back up again. Anyway, here's a list which summarises my post-sickness weekend....

Good Things

1. barsine and daegaer coming over on Friday to eat curry, drink wine, consume an entire box of Celebrations and watch Lord Peter DVDs, which involved much mocking of Bunter's suspiciously '80s bouffant. Daegaer also introduced us to Weiss Kreuz, which really is one of the weirdest things I've ever seen. And now I've discovered that the assassins are also florists it's even madder!

2. Green Ice, an amazing (and unfinished!) Wooster/Wimsey crossover with an incredibly poignant twist. Reading it, I discovered that I find the idea of Bertie suffering in WW1 almost unbearable, which seems a bit odd when you consider he's a comic character. But he's a comic character I've loved since I was 10. Anyway, it's a fantastic story, and I very, very rarely like fic which is based on writing I love because it's so incredibly hard to recapture the right tone, but this one manages it.

3. The Aviator, specifically Leonardo DiCaprio's performance. I've always thought he was an incredible actor, ever since I saw him in What's Eating Gilbert Grape?, and he's fantastic in this. It's very unshowy acting - it's the opposite of, say, Al Pacino - but it's perfectly convincing and very physical - he's almost unrecognisable towards the end, when playing the older Hughes, and it's all about the way he carries himself. I liked the rest of the film too - Rufus Wainwright! Fabulous clothes! Wonderful '20s/'30s pop song soundtrack! Amazing camera work! - and was bewildered by reviews which said that it had a "happy Hollywood ending". Yes, the last few scenes of the film show Hughes back on track after his first serious breakdown, finally getting the "Spruce Goose" to fly. But in the very last scene, he's experiencing another paranoid/OCD episode during his victory celebrations, and as most people watching the film will probably be aware of the fact that just a couple of years after the film ends, he's going to be holed up in his house for the rest of his life pissing into bottles and wearing tissue boxes on his feet, we know that he's not going to get better again.

Bad thing:

My Radio 4 reception is kind of fuzzy, which is very annoying. I've always thought it was slightly miraculous that I could get Radio 4 on FM with perfect reception, so I'm never surprised when it goes (temporarily) awry, but for a couple of days now it's been all funny - as if there's a weird feedback in the background when people are talking, although I can hear their voices perfectly, which is weird. Anyway, it's kind of irritating, and I hope Radio 4 goes back to normal soon. How can I enjoy the Archers when their rural conversations are accompanied by a fuzzy whining noise?

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