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So my schtoopid computer laptop is broken. Well, its DVD player is, and to be perfectly honest the whole thing is far too slow and it was a huge fucking waste of money and I should have bought an iBook, but anyway.... Compaq and their lackeys are so appallingly bad at arranging anything; I called the helpline on Thursday to arrange a collection, they inform me that UPS will ring in the next 10 days and let me know when they can collect it, giving me at least two days notice.

Lo and behold, today a UPS lackey appears unannounced at the office, demanding a laptop. Which of course, I do not have, as I have not yet received a phone call and, strangely enough, do not want to carry in my laptop every day on the hope that a UPS person will appear, especially as I have been told to wrap the laptop in three inches of bubble wrap and then put it in a box.

So after lots of phone calls during which I become increasingly pissed off and end up having to utter the magic 'J' word, which produces the usual unfair but convenient (to me) effects (that's 'journalist', by the way, and it is truly appalling, but it always works on the likes of Eircom and other incompetent service providers), I am told that the laptop will be collected tomorrow.

But then they tell me, "oh, by the way, you'd better back up everything, because we might erase it all by mistake. Oooo-kay. I had to do this before, and I have never, ever in my life met with such unhelpful tech support people as Compaq Presario. I ended up almost in tears because one of them said he legally couldn't tell me how to save my Outlook Express Inbox because I might sue him if it went wrong. I told them that if he didn't tell me, it was going to go wrong anyway, so I certainly wasn't going to sue him, but he wouldn't budge. In the end, a nice man from some other firm told me - off the record - hwot o do it, But of course I have completely forgotten.

So, um, if anyone knows how to properly save my assorted inbox and sent mail folders, to say nothing of my address book, please, please, please let me know! I'm working through Windows XP with Outlook Express. Thanks!


Nov. 18th, 2002 08:26 am (UTC)
Tech Support Grrrl Right Here
Ah, i am the Microsoft queen!

To compact and back up mail folders
Select a mail folder, click the File menu, point to Folder, and then click Compact.

To back up the folder, find the folder file, and then copy it to a backup folder, floppy disk, or network drive. Outlook Express mail folders have a .dbx extension (for example, "Sent Items.dbx").
Some message files might be too large to back up onto a floppy disk.

If you are using a program other than Outlook Express to send e-mail messages to newsgroups, check your e-mail program's documentation for information about compacting and deleting mail folders.

Re: address book- I think you'll have to export it and then import it again when you get your laptop back:

Export an address book

On the File menu, point to Export, and then click Address Book.

Choose a format for the export. To export your address book directly from Outlook Express, choose Microsoft Exchange Personal Address Book. To use a file with address information separated by commas, select Text File.

Click Export.

Choose a profile that most closely fits the intended use for the exported address book and click OK.

When you do get it back, you should be able to import the address book and all your messages using file > import.

Hope that helped.


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