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For many, many years now, my friend M and I have found the British royal family and their general idiocy incredibly funny. I can't remember how the joke started, but it was over a decade ago, and has lasted to this day. Anyway, as you can imagine, we have found the Nazi Harry story particularly amusing, but naturally, what has really captured our imaginations is horrible horse-faced Prince William's fancy dress costume. And so I present

From: M***** M*****
To: stellanova

'Yes, do mention the war, especially to the royal fool!'

 Did you see this headline in the observer yesterday? It made me laugh a lot


From: stellanova
To: MM

Hee, I didn't see it yesterday, but I just looked at the article on the guardian/observer website. It made me laugh too!

But it still doesn't answer the burning question: WAS WILLIAM DRESSED AS A LEOPARD OR A LION?????????


william, according the article above that one, wore a HOMEMADE leopard skin costume....


There's another article in yesterday's observer which contains even more hilarious info. My favourite quotations:

"It could have been worse. At Cotswold Costumes, Harry had tried on an SS costume only to find it was too small."

"'Obviously Harry is unusual in some ways, unusually dim perhaps."


"Prince William turned heads in what appeared to be a home made leopardskin outfit, continuing the jungle theme of his 21st birthday when he wore little but a Tarzan loin cloth."


This being sent towards the end of the working day, it received no reply. Until late last night, when I received the following text message:

"William selected a black leotard, covered with a leopardskin pattern and leopard claws and tail" !!

To which I could only reply, in horrified all caps:


And now, words fail me. I must let the story rest.

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