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Aaaaaah. Tonight P and I went out for a fancy schmancy dinner, and now I am so full I will never have to eat again. Well, not until breakfast anyway. Anyway, I am too full to move, but I shall post to register my woe at my favourite umbrella FLYING AWAY FOREVER. Yes, yesterday I said "screw waiting around for couriers to turn up" and went for a bracing walk in the park, which was made even more bracing than usual by the fact that it started lashing rain when I ws half way home. Luckily I had my trusty Totes umbrella, which protected me from the icy drops. When I got home, I left it in our open porch area, as is my wont. Usually the broll is undisturbed, but today it was nowhere to be seen! Was it stolen (unlikely)? Or did it just blow away into the ether? Whatever, it was an expensive and super-light umbrella, and now it's gone forever. And I am annoyed. And also full. Burp.
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