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I don't think any of you lovely internet chums watch Coronation Street. But you should! Because not only is it the (intentionally) funniest, campest soap ever, it is currently featuring a huge, majestic pink poodle who was staying in Kirk's kennels and whose mad owner's sitting room was covered in pictures of said poodle, including a painted portrait. And in the same episode, someone made a decision by asking "hmmm, what would Angela Lansbury do?" which made me laugh for a ridiculously long time (as did the poodle). Hurrah for Corrie!

I do have to say, though, I hate Katy ("nooo, Martin, I want to have a beh-beeeeeeeh!" Oh, for fuck's sake, you're 17 and you're going out with a former friend's dad. Finish school). And I hate the way no one on the street ever goes on to further education when they have the opportunity to do so. And Sally's affair plot line is ridiculous. But then there'll be a line like "she's got money and a dog - that's all it takes to turn Kirk's head!" and all will be forgiven.

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