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"You are small and toy-like!"

Oooooh, I absolutely love cangetmad! Sorry, I was channeling Eloise there. But I do! Because she posted me the two episodes of Buffy I couldn't download properly, and one of them was Selfless, and it fucking rocked.

The fact that one of Buffy's very few loose threads was picked up again! Five years later! Awwwwwwww yeah.

I am, of course, refering to the fact that Xander never told Buffy about Willow doing the souling spell. And that in this episode it almost - almost - came out, but Xander and Buffy were both too busy arguing to notice Willow's "I never said that!" Pure fucking genius.

And I loved the fact that Buffy even brought up having to kill Angel. I kept thinking that when Willow was going all psycho - why, when trying to talk to her, did Buffy never bring that one up?

Oh, I love continuity!

Plus - an extra musical bit! And "Come here, tiny man! You are small and toy-like!" Plus the fact that from what I could gather from the few lines of dialogue I understood sans amusing subtitles, they really were speaking either Swedish or Norwegian in those scenes (I know a bit of Norwegian, thanks to living with a girl from that delightful land for nearly a year. We used to sing Norwegian folk songs to the cat. Swear to God. But that's another story.).

Oh, I just loved it. Thank you so, so much, Kate! You're brilliant. And I shall send you sumptuous gifts in return. Also, I may ask for more episodes in the future, like the evil girl I am, because it really is more fun watching them at home with someone else (the Boy, who sends his regards and thanks) than in work on a tiny screen. But you shall reap rewards for your kindness!
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