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Urgh. As you might gather from my previous post, last night I supped not wisely but too well. It was P's sister's birthday, so we went out on a posh family dinner. Fine wines were drunk, but not very much of them, and if I'd just gone to bed when I got home, I would have felt fresh as a daisy this morning. Except when we got home, for some freakish reason we decided we'd open the bottle of Cava which amphoteric brought to our Christmas party and which we have been saving for a special occasion (which this wasn't) ever since. And so we did. And it being fizzy wine, it went straight to our heads, and five minutes later we were blasting Pavement on the stereo very loudly and smoking roll ups. I smoked three! And I hadn't even smoked a normal filtered cigarette in weeks. So today I feel like my lungs are made of sandpaper. If I hadn't smoked, I would have been reasonably okay today, but the smoking has left me feeling very, very unwell. Urrrgh.

The Pavement revival, by the way, was a result of spending yesterday afternoon watching the fabulous Pavement DVD which P got me for Christmas. Pavement are one of my favourite bands ever, but I hadn't listened to them in ages. P had always liked them and D had never really heard them. But the DVD had the effect of making all of us want to listen to all their albums, preferably at top volume, which is basically what we did when we came home last night. Unfortunately, we accompanied this with the cava and rollies. Hence my current, um, fragile state.

I think I shall lie down and listen to the Archers now...

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