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....Jessica’s passionate old flame – and her deadly enemy?...

Oh, oh, I am terribly tired, and I feel weirdly sick. Plus the chair for the computer in the Boy's house is horribly uncomfortable, so my back aches. But never fear, I still have time to give you...

For a moment, when Elizabeth Wakefield woke up, she couldn’t remember where she was. She was used to being woken by the rain beating against her window, and the cold wind howling through the gaps in the frames. The sunshine which flooded the airy bedroom in which she now lay disorientated the talented young writer. But she wasn’t in Dublin any more. She was back in Sweet Valley, California.

She was home.

Elizabeth yawned and stretched, remembering the night before. What a magical evening it had been, although things had been slightly marred by Lila Fowler’s petulant display. What had seemed terrifying the night before seemed merely like a child’s temper tantrum in the bright morning light. Lila was a bit crazy, but she was harmless. But even so, Winston was much better off without her.

Liz smiled as she remembered the joy of the former class clown’s reunion with his old love. Winston and Maria belonged together. Then with a jolt she recalled that there had been more than one reunion last night.

Elizabeth and Jeffrey.

Together again.

Her mind raced as she recalled their romantic dance, and their passionate garden encounter. Jeffrey was, as ever, a gentleman, which pleased Elziabeth greatly. In fact, she liked everything about him.

More than liked.

“I’m in love again!” Eizabeth whispered. The words sounded magical to her ears. Love. She thought that Todd and Enid’s betrayal had deprived her of that emotion forever. But she had been wrong. Her heart had been awoken, had emerged like a hibernating bear crawling out of a cave. Her heart had awoken for Jeffrey French.

“I’m in love!” she shouted merrily, and leaped from the bed in a single bound. Humming a Pat Benetar tune, she danced around the room, whirling and twirling in a state of near delirium. After so many years, Elizabeth felt alive again.

It felt good.


Jessica’s mouth felt fuzzy when she woke, and when she raised her head from the satin pillow, it ached.

“Where am I?” she murmured, opening one unwilling eye and sqinting about her.

She was in a round bed which stood in the centre of what was obviously a stylish bachelor pad. Framed images of sports cars, painted in an eye-catching air-brushed style, decorated the walls, which were papered with grey and red stripes. The ceiling was covered in mirrors, which reflected the black satin sheets of the bed – and the people beneath them. Jessica – and a handsome dark-haired stud.

“Bruce” gasped Jessica. “Oh my God, I slept with Bruce!”

She felt iller than ever. How could she have gone so far? How could she have let down her guard with Bruce, of all people – the one man who had almost tamed Jessica’s wild spirit? Jessica’s passionate old flame – and her deadly enemy?

Jessica looked in horror at the sleeping form next to her. Suddenly, it stirred.

“Hey, baby,” Bruce mumbled. “Can you fix me a cup of coffee? I feel really bad.”

Jessica glared at her bedfellow. Who the hell did he think she was? His maid? No, she wasn’t going down that road again.

“Get it yourself, Bruce,” she snapped. “I’m going home.”

She got out of bed, taking the satin sheet with her, which caused the suddenly chilly Bruce to yell out and cover his blushes with a pillow.

“Where’s my dress… ah, here it is,” she said, quickly slipping it on. “Right, Bruce, I’m going. This was a mistake. A terrible, terribly mistake. It’ll never happen again!”

And with that, she stalked out of the room.

In the bed, Bruce Patman looked up at the mirror and gave his reflection a saucy wink.

“That’s what you think, Jess,” he said softly. “But I’m going to win you back! I charmed you once, and I’ll do it again!”

To Be Continued....
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