The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
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Damn my stupid computer! My work one, this time. I have been downloading new Buffys, but recently my infernal machine has been acting up, and every time the woman who rusn the server touches it, my computer thinks the file is finished, and just stops. So to combat this, she kindly split the file into ten little parts, to make sure I can get the whole thing. But lo, it refuses to open them when I try this, sating 'application not found' etc, etc.

Why?! Why does this keep happening? *bangs head off desk*

*well, not really, but I feel like doing it*

Plus I was just told that the 1400 word article I just wrote is being held off until next week. You couldn't have told me this, oh, I dunno, before I'd written it, maybe?

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