The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

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three little kittens with three little mittens

Waaah! My mittens didn't turn up in the lost property office. Which means that someone STOLE them and is walking around with my lovely little fingerless mittens e'en as I write. Grrrrrrr. I almost wish I didn't still have the hat - at least then I'd have been able to write the whole set off, but now I have half of it I'm tragically tormented by the knowledge that it's incomplete. Also, the hat reminds me of how lovely my little mittens were. Sob. Also, I bet I won't be able to find another pair of fingerless mittens, which is very annoying. I have tiny monkey hands (with proportionally quite long fingers, but still, small) and regular gloves are always too big. I like fingerless things anyway, because stupid gloves make me clumsy, but the thing that makes fingerless mits better than gloves is that you can curl your fingers inside them when it's specially cold. Oh, why, WHY didn't I put the stupid things in my bag? Or at least look back at the bus seat when we got up? *weeps*
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