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...the heiress’s voice was as shrill as her monkey’s cries....

Urgh. I still feel sick. I left work early today, and I feel rather hot and fractious. I'm not going into work tomorrow, and instead will stay home and drink soup and read the delightful books which have arrived for me from Persephone, aka the best publishers in the world. It's all rainy and horrid outside, so it's rather nice to have an excuse for not leaving the house.

Of course, I might have time to knock off a bit more of this little story I'm working on....

The pool of the fanciest hotel in Sweet Valley was deserted when Todd Wilkins strode out to it on that sunny morning. Running a hand through his dark locks, the former basketball star stared at the glittering blue water.

It seemed that Liz had never told anyone about him and Enid. Perhaps they needn’t have fled. Perhaps they could have stayed here and...


Because if they had stayed here, he and Enid would have had to part anyway. They would have been shunned, treated as pariahs, if anyone had known of their betrayal of Sweet Valley’s most beloved citizen. And his love for Enid was worth leaving home for.

God, he loved her.

It wasn’t the way he had loved Elizabeth Wakefield. But it was a deeper love. A passionate love. And he couldn’t give her up.

But maybe, just maybe it was time to come clean. To tell Sweet Valley the truth.

To beg for forgiveness.

Todd heard a yawn coming from behind him, and turned to behold Enid, looking radiant in a pink and grey dressing gown.

“hey, baby,” said Todd. “How are you this morning?”

Enid’s lovely face was troubled.

“I still feel weird after last night, Todd,” she said. “Liz is home! We saw her! I just don’t know what to think.”

“You want to know what I think?” Todd asked. “I think we need to come clean. I think we need to beg Liz for her mercy.”

Enid looked at him, her big eyes filling with tears.

“You’re right Todd,” she said. “Come on, let’s go to Calico Drive. Let’s tell Liz how sorry we are.”

Todd shook his head.

“No, not now. We can’t just turn up and surprise her; that’s not fair. No, we should just spy on her some more and then pick the perfect moment.”

“The perfect moment,” sighed Enid. “When will that be?”


Lila Fowler’s bedroom was dim, the thick curtains blocking off all light. But the fearsome heiress was wide awake. She did her best plotting under cover of darkness; the light hurt her sensitive skin and frequently-operated on eyes. She sat in the middle of the room, on her favourite chair, a richly carved and gilded creation that resembled nothing so much as a throne. She rubbed her bony hands together as she thought aloud. Her favourite pet, a hideous genetic mutant monkey she had bought from one of her surgeons who dabbled in genetic engineering on the side, sat on the arm of her chair. His blue-ish face bore an expression of wicked glee all too similar to the expression on Lila’s own grotesque features.

“Winston, Winston, you think you’re free, do you?” Lila cackled. “Well, you won’t be for long. I have ways, Winnie – I have ways of getting my revenge that you can only dream of!”

She leapt from her throne and began to pace around the room, her three inch spiked heels leaving little holes in the plush carpet, which had to be replaced every two weeks because Lila refused to wear flats inside the house. Boo Boo, her chattering monkey companion, danced around her as she strode across the room.

“You think you can dance with that Italian trollop and get away with it, do you?” The heiress’s voice was as shrill as her monkey’s cries. “Well, you can’t! I’ll have my revenge on you, Egbert! And on Maria! And on Jessica Wakefield, my so-called friend, who just stood there and let you betray me! And on your friend, her stupid stuck up sister Elizabeth!”

With a mighty roar, Lila picked up her throne and flung it across the room. It crashed into the wall, smashing into a dozen golden pieces. Boo Boo squeaked in fright, and flew onto Lila’s shoulder with the aid of the curious feathery wings scientists had made grow on his shoulders.

“Come, Boo Boo,” said Lila, in a dangerously quiet voice. “Let’s go to work.”

To be continued!
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