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NAKED TIME! For cats.

I had to get Henrietta a new collar because her old one got all frayed. I couldn’t get her the exact same collar, because they don’t sell it here. So I got her one that is LIKE the old one. But not EXACTLY like it.

I thought, Whatever, she won’t know the difference.

Well, she does know, and she HATES the new one. Every time I turn around, she’s flung it to the floor! And then she dances around all triumphantly, like, “Look at me! I’m NAKED! It’s NAKED TIME!”

Then when I pick it up to put it back on, she runs away. Sigh. It is so difficult to be the owner of such a troubled cat.

Ah, Meg Cabot, I know how you feel. Except I gave up on making Ju Ju wear a collar long ago, so it's always Naked Time for her.
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