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flat as a pancake

Burp. Yes, it's Shrove Tuesday, and we have been making PANCAKES. P and I made a series of delicious crepes, the nicest of which were filled with smoked salmon, creme fraiche, and a squeeze of lemon juice. Mmmmmmmmmmm. There were also ham and cheese pancakes, and run of mill sugar-and-lemon ones. And finally, in a moment of madness, we made Ju Ju a miniature crepe. Which we filled with a spoonful of wet cat food (oh yes), rolled up and put in her bowl. And she ate it with relish! This is one festival she can apparently get behind.

It's a far cry from the Shrove Tuesdays of my youth, which were spent cramming as much chocolate as possible into myself in an attempt to make up for the six long sweets-less weeks which lay ahead. I, and my sisters, and pretty much all of my friends, gave up sweets for Lent every single year until I was 17, when I ate a Dairy Milk during the UCD open day and never looked back. But until then, it was no sweets but (somehow these were allowed) bubble gum until Easter Sunday, when we would all gorge on chocolate, which never tasted quite as good as you remembered it being.
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