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party time? excellent.

The Weekend of Sociability is almost over - but not quite! For, after last night's revels (of which more below), soon I will be heading into town to meet biascut, glitzfrau, barsine, leedy, and several other friends who don't actually live on the internet (including the triumphantly returned Isabel and her - yikes- fiance). Last night I met up with the aforementioned returned one and many others for some Stag's Head revelry, where we discussed Isabel's forthcoming wedding and (jokingly) the question of whether it should have a theme (barsine: Pirates! PIRATES!). Many amusing themes were suggested, but I think P came up with the best one when he suggested a Great Expectations theme - the groom sends a messenger dressed in Victorian clothes to announce that he's not turning up, the clocks all stop, and the bride sits there in her wedding dress surrounded by rotting old cakes. Brilliant!

But after this, there was an actual wedding to go to - that of the lovely radegund and niallm. Many congratulations to both! The happy couple proved they were secret rock stars by taking to the stage (niallm still in his formal wear) and rocking out magnificently (I particularly liked their version of Sinead O'Connor's 'Mandinka'). Alas, P and I had to go home early (well, half past twelve) because he had to rise at some ungodly hour to write more plinky-plonks, but when we left glitzfrau, biascut and daegaer were still partying away. I just hope they wake up in time to meet for brunch in an hour and a half....
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