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yes, i know, i am a traitor to my glorious race and the motherland as a whole

In addendum to my last post: having foolishly gone and read the LJs of some of these gobshites, I am in such a state of seething rage that I would happily do what those arseholes suggest and pick up a gun. Except once I was fully armed, I would then go round to their houses, put the gun to their idiotic heads, and demand that they never, ever do any of the following:

1. Refer to themselves as Irish. Ever, ever again.

2. Call Ireland the "motherland". Or "the isle".

3. Post lists of wildly inaccurate Irish stereotypes which supposedly "prove" their Irishness.

4. Listen to any of the many ridiculous American bands who pretend to be Irish (usually calling themselves and their music "celtic") and give themselves even stupider faux-Irish names, yet never actually play here BECAUSE THEY KNOW WE WOULD ALL LAUGH AT THEM.

5. Make any reference, ever, to "the Brits" and the Evil Things They Have Done to the Poor, Poor Irish.

6. Romanticise a bunch of terrorists. They should all be forced to watch news footage of Omagh, post bombing, then meet some of the people who lost their families or their sight or had various limbs blown off. Let's see how proud of the IRA they feel then.

You know, in all their idiotic ramblings about the Famine ("the Irish Holocaust!" Oh, fuck off) and the Rising, they never mention any of the actual valid reasons for Irish independence. They never mention the ways in which Ireland was deliberately kept agricultural and poor after the industrial revolution. They never mention the Land League or the Home Rule movement or John Redmond. They never even mention Catholic emancipation or the civil rights movement. They just go on about these big violent issues which have been romanticised to fuck (nothing romantic about the industrial revolution - factories might have sullied the glorious green fields of the (puke) isle!) by the worst nationalist extremists. It's all about either the poor Irish being "starved" by "the Brits", or cross-eyed Pearse bellowing about Ireland being freed by blood sacrifice. It's never about boring old things like parliamentary reform or tenant farmers. That might, you know, require them to actually read something that isn't from the Sinn Fein propaganda shop. Bunch of wankers.
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