The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
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the aqua-blue letter

I am currently wearing my favourite hoodie, an aqua blue zip-up affair with a letter "A" appliqued in the same fabric on the breast. I love this hoodie because (a) it's cute, (b) it cost about a fiver in Penney's and (c) it actually has my initial on it, in lettering which looks remarkably like my own writing. The thing is, this hoodie was not available with any other letters. While I'm not complaining - there being at least a tenuous reason for me to parade about with a letter A on my bosom and no, not a Nathaniel Hawthorne sort of reason - I'm a little bewildered. Why 'A'? It's not the most common first-name initial. It doesn't have any social, cultural or even mystical significance. Why is it the only letter available? Why? WHY? And is the fact that I'm even thinking about this connected to the fact that I'm meant to be writing up my interview with a certain very attractive medical sitcom star and I keep putting it off?
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