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walkin' in a winter wonderland

This morning I was woken up at about half past seven by the shrill and joyous cries of my infant neighbours. Which was, of course, very annoying. Until I heard one of them shriek "snow!", whereupon I leaped (well, kind of staggered) to the window and looked out to see that the infants were right, and outside was a veritable winter wonderland! Well, a winter wonderland with just about an inch of snow. But still! Snow!

Although it was also a reminder of global warming - one of the teeny infants was exclaiming that it was the most snow she'd ever seen (she's about five), which made me realise that when I was her age, back in the mists of time (1980), we usually got at least one day off a year because of heavy snow falls. I remember making entire igloos on a regular basis! And then there was the huge freeze in about, I dunno, 1982, when we had six foot drifts in the back garden. I haven't even seen this much snow in this country for about four or five years. No wonder I'm so pleased by its arrival.
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