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proof that some people don't read enquiry/complaint letters properly

So I renewed my Bust subscription in October, and since then have received, as usual two issues. Soon after I renewed, Bust decided to go up to six issues a year, so instead of the issues I received being Winter and Spring, they were dated Dec/Jan and Feb/Mar. Hurrah, thinks me, less time between issues. Then I got a card in the post telling me it was time to renew. Now, I knew I'd be renewing in less than a year seeing as I paid for four issues and now there's going to be six, but I'D ONLY RECEIVED TWO. So I sent this e-mail to the subs department:

From: Stellanova
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2005 10:05:33 +0000
Subject: renewal?

I renewed by Bust subscription after the Fall '04 issue (I'm looking at
my copy of it right now, with its "this is your last issue!" renewal
covering), and have since received both the Winter and Feb/March
issues. But today I got a card telling me that my sub is up for
renewal. After two issues? Surely not. Can you confirm whether this
notice is a mistake, or will I be waiting in vain for my April/March
and May/June issues?

A week later, I receive this reply.

Dear Anna,
When you subscribed to BUST magazine it was under the old rates of 4 issues
for $14.97. We have since gone bi-monthly, 6 issues for $19.95. So you are
getting all the BUSTs you paid for, just pressed closer together.

Very polite and friendly, of course, which is excellent. BUT NOT ANSWERING MY FUCKING QUESTION AT ALL! I said in my mail that I had just received two issues. I refered o April/March and May/June, indicating that I knew perfectly well that Bust had gone bi-monthly, and that I knew when my sub was running out. For fuck's sake. I think she just saw "my sub has run out sooner than I thought!" and gone "ah yes, it's because the issues are coming out sooner". I have just sent off another polite e-mail, but God knows if anyone will actually read that.
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