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mea culpa

I am a bad little liberal. Ever since Cafe Direct's Fairtrade tea has been available in our local supermarket, I have been purchasing it loyally. And as I drink a hell of a lot of tea, I've been going through boxes of the stuff at an alarming rate over the last year, adding to the excellent company's well-deserved profits. The Tea Direct tea is pretty nice, really, but when it ran out the other day, I found myself thinking, "wow, I'd really, really like some Lyon's Gold Blend." And so yesterday, in the supermarket, I paused for a second at the tea shelf before....siezing a box of Lyon's. Yes, I chose non-fairtrade over its fair-trade brethren, and I feel bad. I feel especially bad because the Lyon's tea really is nicer, but guilt will drive me back to Tea Direct next time.

Although having just looked at their website, I realise they're not so perfect themselves - Ireland as part of the UK? Would it kill you to add a "and Ireland" onto that slogan? A very petty quibble for a company which does such good work, but who said I wasn't petty? Not me!
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