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For fuck's sake.

The chief of the US delegation, Sichan Siv, went on to tell his counterparts that Washington opposed the ratification of the international treaty on women's equality, as well as resolutions that would "place emphasis on 'rights' that not all member states accept, such as so-called 'sexual rights'."

Mr Siv also told diplomats that Washington opposed any move to seek funds from industrialised countries to implement the reforms called for under the Beijing declaration.

I'd repeat our old early '90s pro-choice sign-slogan of "keep your rosaries off our ovaries", if it weren't for the fact that the conservatives in this question believe that rosary beads are papist tools of the devil. Oh, except the Vatican delegate, of course, who supported the US stance. Can someone rescue God from these people soon, please? Because they're not doing his name any favours.

Link from zoje_george.
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