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Oh, look, girls really aren't good at maths!

More males than females end up at the low end of the IQ scale, and not surprisingly, relative to females, there are more male high school dropouts and more men in prison. But the opposite is also true: More males than females have extremely high IQs. And like it or not (I don't like it), this is probably why the world has more male geniuses à la Einstein, Mozart and Michelangelo. We can thank the goddess Nike for Marie Curie, but where's another woman in our pantheon?

Let's ignore the fact that the results of IQ tests are also affected by education and social standing. Let's just look at the fact that this female writer has just neglected to mention that for tens of centuries women were denied education of any kind. You know, that just might have more to do with our lack of "genii" until the 20th century than our teeny little IQs.
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