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on the buses

The other day, I read an entry on Dreadful Nonsense that mentioned a woman getting on the bus wearing a grotesque jacket bedecked with pictures of huskies. Ho ho, I thought, how amusing, I wish I could see such a fantastically fugly item of clothing.

Well, the moral of this entry is BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR, because last night I was sitting on the bus and a woman got on and sat in front of me wearing.....a white jacket covered in pictures of huskies. Now, either there are two woman travelling up and down the Stillorgan dual carriageway clad in hideous husky jackets, or this was the same woman. And OH MY GOD, MY EYES. I think I have been almost blinded by this hideous vision. I was not aware that the jacket was fluffy and fleecey, giving the huskies a naturalistic furry appearance. There was something almost mesmerising about their hideousness, which is the only excuse I can give for someone purchasing such a garment. Seriously, it was absolutely fucking horrible. On the plus side, I had been feeling that I was looking a bit scruffy, and the sight of the woman wearing a husky jacket made me realise that actually I was a radiant vision of sophistication. Which is always good.
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