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So, the Back Seat Drivers post about the case of the Filipina woman who was being paid slave wages. The comments to the entry get somewhat heated. The Drivers respond with style, and the comments get even more heated. In fact, so heated do they get that I feel the urge to get in on the action, and am now embroiled in an increasingly idiotic debate with someone who says things like (I am actually laughing as I type), "Or do you think we are born with inherent rights? What a churchy sentiment. " Believing in human rights? The craziness! Don't let Amnesty hear about this bloke. Anyway, apparently these charmers want to defend and care for people in the third world by....paying them crap. Forever. Because heaven forfend that the west should, I dunno, pay a bit more for our luxuries so that people in the third world get paid more. Ah, crazy neo-cons, adopting the language of liberals to espouse their belief that the poor should be rounded up and shot. Or maybe forced to proof read dreadful economic policies which will fuck them over even further. One or the other.

Anyway, I am now weary of arguing, but inspired by these high jinks and the similar ideas espoused in one of the world's leading economic-conservative publications, Patsington and I have decided to write a Brecht and Weill style musical in homage to these great economic masterminds. It will be a stirring and inspiring story of some noble business bosses who are being sucked dry by the parasitic blood-sucking workers, with their selfish demands of unionisation and labour regulation. We even wrote a couple of exciting tunes for it last night, which I sang both auf Deutsch und Englisch in my best Lotte Lenya voice. And what are we going to call this masterpiece?


Can you wait for this to hit the stage? I bet you can't.


Apr. 1st, 2005 10:59 am (UTC)
Siptu's campaign to get a fair wage for immigrants working on the Irish Sea "is in direct conflict with the lifeline our jobs provide for citizens of poorer nations".

How charming.

And I too cannot wait for your musical extravaganza. Maybe we could do a double bill - do you remember myself and KvS's Ceaucescu: The Musical that we started writing in college? Unfortunately, I can't remember much of it myself, other than that it was a)extremely jaunty and b)tasteless.


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