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Inspired by my fellow Archers fan biascut, I have spent the morning catching up on the last couple of week's episodes online. I always listen to The Archers online at work, and every so often I get behind. But I'm almost bang up to date now.

I love radio drama, and I love radio comedy even more. My dad grew up in the '50s, during the golden age of BBC radio comedy, and as much of that stuff was subsequently released on record and tape, I grew up listening to it too. I adore the likes of Hancock's Half Hour and Round the Horne. Hancock is my favourite; Ray Galton and Alan Simpson, the authors who also wrote the equally Beckettian Steptoe and Son, are among the most underrated dramatists ever. They also pretty much invented the basic set up of the British sit-com.

Anyway, there's something terribly cosy about listening to drama and comedy on the radio. Which is why I like The Archers so much. It's the last remaining good radio drama available to me; RTE barely makes any drama anymore. Plus it's great to sit at my desk looking as if I'm hard at work while secretly being entertained. Although could I really get more geekish? Entertained by the latest debate over whether Ambridge will find a new vicar? And let's not forget the fact that I actually own a Best of the Archers tape which includes highlights from 30 years of rural intrigue.

And by the way, I got that tape when I was about 15. Yes, even when I was utterly obsessed with being cool, I adored The Archers. I am a hopeless case.
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