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(i'm no) superman or, the return of the camera phone

Yesterday leedy and I went to the Laurie Anderson exhibition in the Irish Museum of Modern Art. It was absolutely fantastic - I love good conceptual art, and her stuff is brilliant. My favourite piece was the table which transmits music from your elbow to your ear if you learn on it and put your hands over your ears, but I also loved
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I'd like to write lots of profound things about the exhibition and use some pretentious art jargon left over from my history of art degree, but I've been feeling slightly sick all day. And for once, it's not a result of self-righteous moral outrage! No, I think I'd been running on pure adrenalin over the last few busy weeks and now things are less urgent (ie a week to research and write a 1500 word article instead of two days), I'm coming down. So I think I shall go and watch Scrubs and then read sensation stories from the 1873 volume of the Young Ladies' Home Journal, which once belonged to my great-great-grandmother. No one can say I don't have eclectic tastes.

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