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overheard in Dublin

Some of the stuff on this site is pure snobbery, but some of it is fucking hilarious, and it's all so purely Dublin that it makes me feel weirdly affectionate towards my native city...

A bloke is sitting down the back of a bus across from me.

A second bloke gets on the bus and heads straight for the back seat.

The catch each other eyes and realise they were in school together.

Bloke 1: "How's it going man, wha's de storee?"

Bloke 2: "Grand man, how are you?"

Bloke 1: "ah you know, alright I suppose."

(They talk shite about people they know for a few minutes and then move on to the killer story)

Bloke 2: "So are ya still doin the paintin for your brother?"

Bloke 1: "Ah yeah, now and again, decorating gaffs mainly, I get the van sometimes, its handy money buts head wreckin."

Bloke 2: "Ah, you were always good at the art and that. You could say its your talent."

Bloke 1: "Yeah I was good wasn't I, what's your talent?"

Bloke 2: "Jayzus, I don't know, eh...(thinks for 30 secs, ah I S'pose matching stuff is."

Bloke 1: "Wha?, matching stuff, wha do ya mean?"

Bloke 2: "Ya know the way burds,like your ma and that are good at matching curtains and cushions. I can do that as well."

Bloke 1: (Totally flabbergasted, looking in middle distance) "Yeah, I suppose that is a talent, sures its good to have a talent."

They both nod their heads and the conversations lulls and then they are back to usual ground, where they score in Inchicore.
I also liked this:
Posh lady (in a fur coat) gets on the 78A BUS talking on her mobile phone:
Posh lady into phone "Oh yes, I'm at the cosmetics counter in Brown Thomas"
Other passenger shouts "NO YOU'RE NOT, YOU'RE ON THE F***IN BUS!"
Posh Lady goes scarlet and says into phone "I have to go now"

Heh heh heh.

Link from Back Seat Drivers.
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