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I have been procrastinating all day (mostly by arguing with idiots online), so why stop procrastinating now? Here's a TV
1. Post a list of 10 TV shows you watch (current or dead).
2. Have your friends list guess your favourite character from each show.
3. When guessed, bold the line and write a sentence about why you like that character.
4. Post in your own LJ.

I should add that I watch a lot of programmes that don't actually have characters - like documentaries and non-sitcom comedies (non sit comedies?), but that wouldn't really work for this meme!

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
2. Gilmore Girls
3. Freaks and Geeks
4. Coronation Street
5. Scrubs
6. Black Books
7. The Office
8. Veronica Mars
9. The Sopranos
10. Blackadder

In other news, there is an ice-cream van now operating in this area which plays Sousa's Liberty Bell March, also known as the Monty Python theme music. I can hear it twinkling away right now. Words can't describe how surreal this is.

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