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just call me pollyanna....

You know, between writing insanely vitriolic friends-only LJ entries about people who annoy me, watching entertainingly saucy 18th century romping on the telly and eating lots of easter egg (I'm a slow eater), I feel much more cheerful today than I did yesterday. Even though Patsington has been sneakily eating most of my egg. And so, in the spirit of spreading spring cheer, I give you a list of cheering things:

1. The light in the long evenings

2. Nellie McKay's Get Away From Me album

3. Venting one's spleen

4. Forthcoming visits from fabulous internet ladies

5. Georgette Heyer novels

6. The very serious babies who go for ponderous walks in the park

7. The feeling of freshly washed, well conditioned hair

8. The fact that the Trinity book sale is on tomorrow

9. Giggling at nonsense first thing in the morning because you share a bed with someone who makes you laugh more than anyone else

10. You.
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