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labour pains

So, Andrea Dworkin is dead. She always annoyed the crap out of me, mostly because she elevated her own personal experiences to the level of universal truth (always a dangerous thing), particularly about sexuality. But I thought Susie Bright's remarkably balanced piece about her old adversary* was very good.

In more cheerful news..... majea was in town! Which was, of course, fabulous, even if the poor thing chose the weekend in which Dublin returned to some sort of ice age (it's actually nice and balmy again now), so there was a lot of shivering in the rain. But fun was had, over-priced food was eaten, the Stag's was visited, and certain parties *cough*zoje_george*cough* were sent increasingly mad text messages. Come back soon, majea! Ju Ju misses her one admirer! She certainly isn't getting much admiration from me, as I am insanely tired. I had to go out to the wilds of county Dublin to see a play last night, and then get up at an ungodly hour this morning to write about it. The taxi there and back (which was on a work account, thank God) was €80. Each way. That's €160 all together. They could have flown me to Paris and back several times for the cost of this little outing (and in less time, I think). But the play was actually really good, so it wasn't too hellish, although now I am so knackered I just want to lie down and not do any work for about a month. Alas, I have to go to not one but two plays this week for othe worky things, so my leisure will be short lived. Bah! And also, hurrah! Work! I shouldn't complain too much, I know, although I will.

*Link from rozk, who also posted an excellent Dworkin review of her own
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