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Nurse! The screens!

For the last three days I have been nursing the ailing Patsington back to health. Yes, Patsington has been besieged by horrible fluey, stomach-buggy germs, and has spent the entire weekend languishing in bed, whimpering and shivering and being fed tea and dry toast and - of course - Lemsip Max Strength by yours truly (cue lots of "Iaaaaaan!" jokes, and Patsington holding out the box of Lemsip Max Strength and drawing it back as I reached out for it). The poor thing is still a feeble invalid, although he has just got properly dressed for the first time since Thursday so I think he is on the mend. I just hope that he hasn't passed on his foul germs to me.

Although I may have picked up a few germs on my own yesterday, as I staggered about in the rain with barsine and her beau. I was trying my hand at Geocaching (yes, we are all enormous nerds, and we don't care) and it was great! Not only did we find the buried treasure, but we also saw a small herd of deer.

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I was actually much nearer to them than the photo suggests - just about twenty feet. They were nearly all stags, and they kept staring straight at me without moving, perhaps aware that I regularly drink in a pub which is not only named after one of their decapitated brethren but which displays a (very, very very old) stag's head above its bar. There's something very odd and Herne-the-Hunterish about stags in the wild, especially when about six of them are staring straight at you. I like them a lot.
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