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To distract us all from the dreadful new Pope (more about whom later today, when my stomach stops sinking every time I hear his name), here's an interview with Connie Willis*, author of some of my favourite books. I was very pleased to hear that her forthcoming new Oxford time travel novel is well underway, but I thought it was very funny that she said that she was writing about elements of the war which people hadn't really written about before. Like what? "Evacuated children....small town boat owners rescuing soldiers from Dunkirk..." The hell? I mean, I'm sure these subjects are less well known in the US, but considering I must have read about 50 books about evacuees as a child, and Dunkirk is well, Dunkirk, they're hardly untouched mysteries which Willis has just unearthed.

*Thanks to Kivrin on Chicklit for the link
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