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Last night my family (and the in-common-laws, aka Patsington and leedy's beloved) gathered to feast on a delicious pasta bake and play Cranium, aka the funniest game in the world. I laughed so much my face actually hurt afterwards, what with the mass attempts to charade our way through Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, the watching my dad try to convey the name of 1966 world cup goal keeper Gordon Banks to my mum by going "...of Khartoum! I was the general at Khartoum!", and the moment when my sister Busta J was trying to fashion an arrow in a play-do sculpture round and we all suddenly realised at the same moment that it looked somewhat.....rude. My ears were practically ringing afterwards because of the noise, though, which wasn't helped by the fact that every time someone got a particulary hard or bizarre charade or doodle right, we all burst into hearty applause. As Patsington said to his brother earlier that day "you really should hear [Stellanova's] family when they're all in one place. IT'S LIKE BEING IN THE ZOO." And it kind of is. It's very funny, though.

But it means that I was very fatigued today. In fact, so fatigued was I that after a long day hanging around a certain newspaper office (and lunching with barsine), I was fit for nothing more than watching Coronation Street (oh, Corrie, how I love you! What with Sean becoming a bingo caller, Vera being stripped of her golden bingo balls, and Roy expressing his and Hayley's love for wee Chesney by means of a Venn diagram). And now I shall go and watch Scrubs and then have a bath and then go to bed, because tomorrow I have to write an article about "cool" recycle bins. Oh yes. I have to go around and look in garden centres in an attempt to find a bin that looks stylish. Are you jealous?

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