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manly is as manly does

Spanish politician León de la Riva, the Mayor of Valladolid, has announced that he'll refuse to perform any gay marriage ceremonies, nor will he delegate the task of doing so to any of his minions. One could think of many ways of describing such an announcment. But the Mayor of Ávila chose to describe it as a gesture ‘of good manliness’..

Quick, daegaer! I think you should head over to Spain with a bunch of G. Manville Fenn books and tell these homophobic fools what manliness really means.

Also, Lluis Fernando Candeltey, one of their colleagues in, um, mayordom, stepped in with some comments of his own on the suitability of (presumably male) gay couples as parents. Like this one:
Take me for example, if I had to explain what a period is to a girl, I wouldn’t know how to do it, because I have never had one.

I hope to God that this man isn't in a sexual relationship, if this is representative of his knowledge of the female reproductive system. Perhaps one of his chums could get him a simple biology text book to explain the miracle of ovulation, a concept I managed to grasp at the age of nine.
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