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So, yesterday I went off to town to talk to people in insanely, insanely fancy kitchen shops (including a place that sells custom made kitchens which cost about €500,000), which in itself was not particularly fun. But it was sunny and warm, weather in which Dublin always looks its best, and I was prancing about Cow's Lane and looking at all the cool new shops and cafes that have opened there recently, and the annoying but endearing fashionistas all the over the place, and I couldn't help feeling that I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Yes, other cities are cooler in general, but this one is full of people with similar senses of humour to my own (something that, alas, I can't even say about Berlin), so I can't help feeling particularly fond of it.

And then I went into the Oxfam book shop, and what did I find for just €3 all together? Not one, but two books by Arthur Marshall! Some of you are familiar with the work of this comic genius, and if so, you will understand my great glee to find both his autobiography and Giggling in the Shrubbery. Marshall is just incredibly funny - just the sort of funniness I love, which makes him one of the sacred authors whose books have made me literally cry with laughter. So that was a delightful discovery.

Some time later, having looked at bins (don't ask! Especially those on my friends-list who are aware of my recent and possibly slightly amusing bin-related work trauma), I trudged into Marks and Spencer, intending to buy a tub of their gorgeous smoked salmon and soft cheese as a treat. And who should I spy but Fog, my aunt (her name isn't really Fog, of course, it's Liz, but it became Fog many years ago, like so: Liz>Lizzie>Liggy>Figgy>Fig>Fog. She has now been Fog to our branch of the family for about twenty years, and so is probably stuck with it. Anyway! Fog announced that she would buy me a few extra groceries, and kept saying "do you want some of this [insert fancy food stuff here]? Oh, go on! I'll get it for you!" Eventually she had piled my basket high with goodies, which she kindly proceeded to pay for. In fact, I had so many goodies that I could barely walk to the bus stop, so laden down was I with my free food (yes, you can express your grave sympathy for my plight in comments).

In other words, yesterday was a day of serendipity (and bins). Unfortunately, today isn't sunny, and I won't be going into town, so I have no chance of discovering literary treasures or generous relatives. Instead, I will be writing about bins. Still, swings and roundabouts, I suppose...
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