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summer lovin'

Yesterday, it was so warm and sunny that I could ponce about the place with no coat (just my feminist hoodie) and sit in the sun with daegaer for hours on end. Today it is lashing rain and so cold I've had to put the heating on. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY?! I have the house to myself today and had planned to spend a balmy Saturday sitting out in the back garden reading Arthur Marshall. Instead I am lurking inside, looking at Ju Ju grazing in the front garden (seriously. She's eating grass. Oh my God, she's licking the grass! What sort of a freak cat is she? Answers on a postcard, please).

Yesterday, however, was like a nostalgic college flashback. First of all, there was there lots of idle wandering. I met barsine and daegaer for lunch and then, having got work finished in the morning, I had the rest of the afternoon free. And so daegaer and I indulged in one of our semi-regular amusing past-times: laughing at the freakish mystery novels in Murder Ink, the mystery import book shop. We particularly like/are horrified by the series in which real historical figures solve crimes. I mean, Mark Twain mysteries? Jane Austen mysteries? Louisa May Alcott mysteries? daegaer and I amused ourselves by coming up with much more unlikely detective series based on real writers - I thought that the Osbert Sitwell mysteries would be unlikely to find a wide audience, but daegaer trumped me by suggesting the gobsmackingly offensive Hitler mysteries, in which the author of Mein Kampf solves murders (perhaps because he ordered most of them). Can anyone beat that?

Anyway, after such revelry we decided to head to our alma mater and sit out in the sun in Fellows' Square, where by chance we gradually encountered several of my old college chums (well, they're still my chums, but I met them in college), all drawn back to the old place by the warm weather. Of course, this meant that the day ended with a trip to the Steps of Rome for some wine and cheese, and then I toddled home to feast on my delicious chicken and creme fraiche risotto, safe in the knowledge that summer had arrived.

Except, of course, it hadn't. It hasn't. And so today I am stuck at home with Ju Ju, as Patsington has gone to Cork for his granny's month's mind (an anniversary Mass). I had meant to go too, until my employers rang on Thursday evening and demanded that I file my Aimee Mann interview first thing on Monday, making a weekend away from my desk an impossibility. On the plus side, I do have Arthur Marshall books to read and lots of nice food to eat, and NERD NIGHT to look forward to on the telly (first Daleks in Doctor Who, then The Fellowship of the Ring on Channel 4!), so you know, it's not all bad.
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