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I [heart] Doctor Who. And maybe it's just because I am currently "enjoying" PMT, but I may have shed a tear or several at tonight's episode....

I was bizarrely touched by the tragic dalek. And yet....I kind of wanted it to just go around killing people, rather than making me weep, because when it burst its bonds and reverted to its old evil triumphant scary self, I squeaked with excitement. And I squeaked even more when it went "ELEVATE!" and soared up the stairs. And I also wanted it to find more of its kind, so there could be another big dalek battle. I kind of wanted to enjoy its badness without feeling all moved by its tragic plight. But as leedy reminded me, for all we know it just teleported off somewhere else, perhaps to find its kinsmen. We can but hope...
Now I am watching The Fellowship of the Ring. Yes, it really is Nerd Night in the C-F household....
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